Friday, July 2, 2010

Crafty Housewarming Gift

My friend Amanda is super crafty and since she and her hubby just bought their first house I wanted a crafty gift to bring her when I got to see the new diggs (amazing house by the way-they did a superior house hunting job). I saw this great tea wreath tut here and my Amanda does love her tea so it made me think what can they use right away while painting etc. Her DH Mark also is a java kinda guy so I wanted to include him too.... intro something that can be out of the way but will let you have access to tea/coffee without it being in the cabinet.

What you need- decorative paper, cardboard, clothes pins, modge podge, glue, embelishments (I added a pretty paper flower cut out) magnets, and tea or instant coffee

1) Cut the Cardboard into a fun shape (I used a creative memories Wavy Frame Pattern)

2)Cut decorative paper the same shape- glue on , and add a layer of modge podge

3)Cut strips of decorative paper to fit over the clothes pins- glue on, and add a layer of modge podge

4) Add another layer of modge podge to everything (you can add any paper cut out embelishments in this step- make sure you seal them if you do with more modge podge)

5) Glue the clothes pins on

6) Adhere the magnets

Yeah Modge Podge! (excuse the drying mp in the 1st photo)


Poseidon said...

suppose think also something unique and possible to keep of lasting of using the crystal engraved gift or custom silver gift. it can always display there as a memorial marks.

LittleGemsbyKari said...

Def. Pretty things! I need to think of a part 2 present - thanks for the link