Thursday, July 29, 2010

Steph and I are back at Tight Knit! Saturday 9-1 at Troy's beautiful Riverfront Park it's right next door to the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market on Front Street.Grab your groceries at the Farmer's Market and stop by and say hello!
PS- I just unmolded some adorable cupcake soap that will debut this weekend too!!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Fixer Upper Picture Frames

My best friend's shower is this weekend. I've been working on her favors. Her mom picked up some frames that needed a little something else.

The shiny had to go- lucky it peeled off!I used Versa Magic Dew Drop Chalk Ink Pads all over for a smudgy funky look- in Purple and then in Olive and vice versa (the wedding colors). I let them dry and I think re-invented the favors!

I'm a fan of the dew drops because they are the perfect shape for smudging- try this technique on a card and enjoy a fancy frame. Stamp a saying in the middle and ta da! Card on the quick :) You can use other stamps pads but the bigger they are the harder you'll have controling the color.

Have fun!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beat the Heat! Smoothie

It has been VERY warm here in NY as of late. I'm not one for the hot and muggie so looking around the kitchen trying to find a way to cool down I put this together.

3/4 - 1 cup skim milk

12 oz of greek yogurt with honey

Bag of frozen fruit (strawberry, blackberry, blueberry)-thawed 1/2 way

Throw it in the blender.

Pour it in a glass and enjoy. (excuse my photo of the glass- I couldn't wait for the picture I had to have a drink!)

Friday, July 16, 2010

This Saturday

I'm setting up shop once again in Monument Park in Troy for another Tight Knit Event. (This area is at the intersection of Broadway and River and bordered by 2nd street.) 9am-1pm Saturday you can stop by and say hello to my sister and I! Family affair this time around.

PS- This weekend is also the Pig Out- so BBQ will be in air (and after 1 in my tummy!)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Why Buy Handmade??

It's a question that as a crafter I often answer and or ask myself.

I am having very crafty- handmade holidays (beyond Christmas) this year. A number of gifts are from etsy shops and or made by me and my family and friends really enjoyed it. I was nervous but no one else has a creepy clown photo like my friend Amanda (Hey Harriet), my Gram has a rockin pearl necklace from my hands, the earrings my mom wears gets lots of ooos and ahhs (me again), the cats and dogs on my list- mine, my sisters, my best friends' got training treats and catnip (Gneiss Spice), and the list goes on!

BB Bellezza wrote a great article on why you should buy handmade- and I couldn't have said it better myself!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Crafty Housewarming Gift

My friend Amanda is super crafty and since she and her hubby just bought their first house I wanted a crafty gift to bring her when I got to see the new diggs (amazing house by the way-they did a superior house hunting job). I saw this great tea wreath tut here and my Amanda does love her tea so it made me think what can they use right away while painting etc. Her DH Mark also is a java kinda guy so I wanted to include him too.... intro something that can be out of the way but will let you have access to tea/coffee without it being in the cabinet.

What you need- decorative paper, cardboard, clothes pins, modge podge, glue, embelishments (I added a pretty paper flower cut out) magnets, and tea or instant coffee

1) Cut the Cardboard into a fun shape (I used a creative memories Wavy Frame Pattern)

2)Cut decorative paper the same shape- glue on , and add a layer of modge podge

3)Cut strips of decorative paper to fit over the clothes pins- glue on, and add a layer of modge podge

4) Add another layer of modge podge to everything (you can add any paper cut out embelishments in this step- make sure you seal them if you do with more modge podge)

5) Glue the clothes pins on

6) Adhere the magnets

Yeah Modge Podge! (excuse the drying mp in the 1st photo)

Strawberry Sorbetto - KRAFT First Taste

Strawberry Sorbetto - KRAFT First Taste

These look really yummy- and I think I already have all of the ingredients in my cupboard! Anyone whipping up anything tastey for the 4th? Or made something amazing for Canada day??