Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hip to be Square

I was always intimidated by taking credit cards. It was going to cost too much money- I don't do shows every month so how can I handle the fees, overall it would be too scary for my small business. Then I met the square.
Changed my world and perspective! It is a simple ap to use and it automatically transfers the funds into my accounts the next business day. I've used it at all of my shows this summer and (knock on wood) haven't had an issue yet! I wish I would have taken the plunge earlier. If you are a small business I HIGHLY recommend this new partner :)
How about you? Do you use the square? Maybe another equally awesome piece of technology?

Ap Happy

I <3 Aps- but who doesn't? My latest fave is Postagram - this ap lets you upload a photo from your iPhone or Android and create a real postcard that will be sent to whoever you choose. For a $1 and they mail it! After you read the post card the picture pops out and can be displayed.

Here is one I made for the 4th of July:

Have you found any fun new aps lately??

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Put a Feather in your Cap/Hair

NEW NEW NEW and kind of old.
When I was younger my Dad taught me to tie flies for fly fishing. Fast forward to my now late 20s (eek) - I'm obsessed with fascinators and bird cage veils and wish I knew how to get away with wearing them daily.

Here is my step in the right direction... feather hair clips. But I didn't want to just glue feathers on to clips, so I use fly tieing methods to bind them together for a longer lasting snazzier piece.
Thanks Dad! I remebered how to do it (but, I may have forgotten how to change a tire, let's have a refresher on that lesson :0) )

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oh How I Miss New Orleans

Have you ever gone on vacation and it feels like home? That is what New Orleans did for me. I've been there twice and am itching to go back. Above is a picture I took of St. Louis Cathederal and below is a skelton key necklace I made with NOLA on my mind (old and new as well as a hint of Mardi Gras colors).
Have you found your ideal vacation spot?
Miss you Big Easy- I'll be back soon, promise!

(Above is from a Capital Area Artist- Capow - A copy of it now hangs in my kitchen )

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Getting to Know Me :)

Ever wondered what goes on in a crafty mind?
I was featured in SSNE's blog and scarily they tapped into mine- EEk! Don't mind the cobwebs and unfolded laundry :)

Check out the Article Here