Sunday, February 7, 2010

High Tech or Old Fashion?

I'm at a cross road- my house has a turn table and iPod, notebooks and palm, VHS player and DVD, but is there room for a kindle and my beloved books?
I LOVE TO READ! I devour books at a speed that slightly startles the hubby and we have book cases over flowing with ones I love(d).
My father in law has a kindle and my mother in law (a librarian) put her stamp of approval on it. But there is something about paper, the smell of the pages, the weight, flying through a book without cracking the spine.... can I switch?

Will this turn into my palm which is essentially a glorified address book for me or will it be like my iPod- indispensible to my daily life?
Anyone out there have a kindle or a tech delima?


TEAM SCUBA said...

We too, have the dilemma of overflowing bookshelves. But I think holding a Kindle would seem too small and weird, as I am also a fan of flipping pages and the smell books can bring. I don't see myself switching over...

Deni said...

I have a sony ebook reader that willbought me for Christmas.. and i love books.. but this ebook reader is amazing... I think you will really love it.. you can take it anyway, upload tons and tons of books.. highlight parts that you really like, its just amazing.. and the books are cheaper.. i can buy all four twilight books $28.. ALL FOUR!! lolol!!! xo
hope that helps some!