Wednesday, December 31, 2008


So, I follow another blog (super great soap info and a bit of life molding as well). When the Soap-Queen starting talking about 09 and resolutions it made me start to think. I normally don't take stock in making goals but it just struck me differently this year, does that mean I'm growing up? (eek)

Here are my crafty resolutions for 09!

-Learn to Knit- if I don’t like it, it’s not like I won’t use the yarn
-ORGANIZE MY CRAFTING!- If you’ve seen my crafting corner(s) you’ve probably shook your ahead and then quickly averted your eyes.
-Improve my Resin endeavors- Measuring isn’t for me I try to never do it even in *GASP* Baking!
-Make Amazing bath bombs- my last/first batch was ho hum, good and amusing but I want to take them to the next level!
-Accidentally lose 40 lbs while crafting (so this one is more on the wish end of things than resolution side)

If there is any way I can help you meet your crafty goals? Let me know! Crafters should be here for each other, its one big family of creativeness!

Be safe tonight and lets start enjoying the NEW YEAR!


TEAM SCUBA said...

Your resolutions made laugh out loud! The one about averting your eyes - you know yourself well :) Good luck sticking to it! I have yet to decide if I will be making any resolutions, we'll see!

Anne-Marie said...

I really like the concept of accidentally losing weight. If you figure out how to do it without the drudge of eating healthy and working out, let me know (quietly). We'll write a book and make a fortune! =)

I love knitting but tend to go overboard and give myself carpal tunnel syndrome so be careful with your new hobby =) It's addicting!

Anonymous said...

;) I want to accidentally lose weight while knitting an awesome sweater I saw in a magazine.

But on the resolution side, I want to finish up some of my many many WIPs that are hanging around.