Monday, December 1, 2008

My 12 Days of Christmas

So not that I don’t want 5 golden rings (white gold please) but what the heck can someone do with Lords a Leaping and Ladies dancing (besides start a joint on the Vegas strip). Not to mention it now cost $21,000 to gather up this bounty. I was thinking today if I was making my own 12 days of Christmas what would I be singing about?

12- Bottles of Riesling (hey I’m not drinking them all at once)
11- Shirts for work
10- Pairs of jeans/dress slacks (when I was 5 who’d think I’d ASK Santa for clothes)
9- Bags of beads
8- Balls of yarn (so I have A LOT, I still want it)
7- Pieces of jewelry (just because I can make it doesn’t mean I don’t want someone else to do it for me)
6- New DVDs – I’ve seen some killer movies (The Other Boleyn Girl, Eastern Promises, and I need Ghost Hunters on DVD)
5- CDs (just because I have a book case full means nothing)
4-MP4 (I don’t need 4 of them but it should still count because it has the #4 in it)
3- Books (I’m a book worm I LOVE THEM, Twilight better be under that tree this year)
2- Pairs of jammies (who doesn’t want to be snuggly in the great chilly upstate NY)
1- New Digital Camera (the other one isn’t doing much for my inner photographer)

I have other alternates, but who doesn’t?! What would yours be?


Anne-Marie said...

Funny! I am reading book 2 in the Twilight series right now - and I'd like a new digital camera - and wine and ... hm, really I like a lot on your list! =)

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at your day 10... I was thinking about that the other day, cause when you were a kid and you got clothes for Christmas it was so depressing. But now I definitely get so excited when I get clothes, LOL. I definitely like your list, hmm.. This will take some thought.