Monday, April 5, 2010

Techie Plunge

The Kurtz's did it. We still love our hardcover and softcover books a like but the hubby and I have bought our kindles. Of course DH never to lose a second with a new toy has downloaded his Lord of the Ring books and is reading like a mad man. I am currently in the middle of a Vampire Diaries Book by L.J Smith (completely different then the TV Show- but this is what the TV show is based on) but I'm almost done.
When I get whisked away next Sunday to NOLA I'm going sans my normal 4/5 book stash that accompanies me to an airport. So, what should my first download be?

PS- Always one to accessories I got a custom made cover from Get Sassed - fun to work with, I can't wait to use it on my trip :)


Kristy said...

Have a great trip! As for a book to read....hmmm I got nothing! I just read a Nicholas Sparks boo "The lucky one" it was good, very cutesy!

Anne-Marie said...

The Kindle is SO great for traveling. Thanks for the Get Sassed link. I think I'm might have to indulge. I just read Gator A-Go-Go by Tim Dorsey- really funny!