Thursday, December 10, 2009

My 12 days of Christmas 2009

Last year I made a list when I found out that the 12 days would cost 21,000 dollars to round up (it’s probably 25,000 this year). Mine isn’t that rich but it’d work for me!
So here is what would make me sing this year:

12- Bottles of Riesling (repeat to the list- I love wine, I don’t see the issue)
11- Batts of Fiber (I will learn to spin in 2010)
10- New Embroidery Patterns (I’m in love with Sublime Stitching)
9- Skeins of Embroidery floss (to go with the patterns of course)
8- Balls of Yarn (Homespun please, just in case I don’t get to that fiber)
7- 7 lbs of soap base (I want to make some for myself for a change- make it Goat’s Milk & Olive Oil from Bramble Berry)
6- Pots of Mineral Eye Shadow (Just fell in Love)
5- Tubes of Lip Gloss (I admit I am addicted)
4- Things that revolve around Sons of Anarchy (can’t believe the season is already over)
3- Pairs of Shoes (Desperate need of black knee boots and who can’t use spare flats and heels )
2- Books (need Charlaine Harris’s latest and the book by the guys in Ghost Hunters)
1- Trip to New Orleans (This is the present my hubby and I are giving each other so I know I’m getting it)

Honey are you taking notes?
I have other alternates, but who doesn’t?! What would yours be?

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Megara said...

ooh new orleans! have fun :) cute list!
xo meg