Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things to be Grateful For

This weekend I have A LOT of things to be grateful for, how often can you say that?!
- I am almost well! (Bronchitis took me down hard last week)
- My mom and I are vendors at a paper fair this weekend (I'll help her run a sizzix machine and hang out all day)
- I am going out with my girlfriends Saturday NIGHT!!! We will be running a muck in Plattsburgh and I can't wait! (Thank you Shan for always DD'ing and protecting us fab drunk girls)
- And I'm getting my hair done tonight - My Girlfriends Shannon, Jenn, Kristy, and Amy recently perked up their dos and I need a change. Cross your fingers for me I haven't been to anyone except my friend Jackie or my mom in years!

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