Saturday, March 7, 2009

Glass Earrings

These are my new past time - Glass Earrings! They are like glass pendants but turn out into light weight earrings! I'm psyched about them. What colors/patterns do you think would work well with these?
I'm currently working on 3 special order blankets (a baby and 2 twin blankets) so my hooks are going double time! Also I just ordered a metal stamping kit and can't wait to get my hands on that! Off to pick up the house and maybe pour some soap today, what have you been working on?


Three Dancing Magpies said...

LOVE the earrings! Why pick up the house?

TEAM SCUBA said...

These earrings look awesome! Great job! I have been working on nothing, a pair of earrings here and there and some cards, that's about it. I wish school wasn't taking up so much time!