Friday, December 28, 2012

Boot Tights?! Where have you been all my Life?!

These are one of those products that you say - why didn't I think of that?!

I always put socks on with my tights- it makes my boots more comfy and keeps my toes toasty. Well some smart cookies must do the same thing because they invented a tight that has a sock attached!

The pics above are from the main boot tight website

As soon as I saw these I needed to try some. I picked up a pair at yellow Boutique in Saratoga - I sell my jewelry there and am a frequent shopper.

They are true to size and were super comfy all day (Christmas Eve to boot *pun intended*). The socks wicked away moisture without getting gross. And they haven't been washed multiple times yet but I had no rolling of the top or discomfort all day.
I'm psyched and plan on picking up more!

Have you found any great fashion inventions lately?

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