Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Adding Soul

The DH and I just purchased our first new car! WOW! Another very grown up thing for us. The salesman was very intrigued when I asked how wide and tall the back was. He asked if I owned a cello- my retort, no but I need to put in a tent and folding tables for craft shows. Most people don't know how to respond to that. :) Above isn't it, but it is a Kia Soul in Alien Green!

PS-I'll be away for a bit - (Mother in Law's Graduation and a quick jaunt to Florida to see Grandmother in Law) so all orders from the shop ship 6/1 -Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

1 comment:

CAPow! said...

I'm kind of jealous!
a) I love the Kia Soul!
b) I wish I were going to Florida