Friday, March 12, 2010

Amuck Amuck! and Kanzashi

Things are currently a bit hectic over this way.
30 days until we hit New Orleans!
I made my 100th sale in my shop
1 week until our Kindles Arrive (we caved to the siren song of technology)
The hubby graduates college in about 2 months.
This weekend I'm on my way to assist my Mom at an all Adirondack Craft Fair (and sneak in a bit of time with some of my best friends).
And last night I tried Kanzashi Flowers
Here is the tutorial I tried from
Here I am sporting my prototype:

Warning- this is projected to take an hour, my first attempt took much longer than that (roughly one episode of Vampire Diaries & The Marriage Ref give or take a commercial).
I'm pretty darn proud. What has been on your craft table lately?


TEAM SCUBA said...

Where is the craft fair? Will your sister be there with some of her lotions?

LittleGemsbyKari said...

Alas, it was in altona gun show and it was just adirondack stuff so just my mom's photos and painting.