Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do you see the issue?

My Dad has this joke that my sister and I only love him for shocks and brakes, (He's a mechanic) similiar to the speach John Candy gives in Uncle Buck (No Chanice, there were tires too).
So, I stitched up something for his desk. This was take 2 after the first version got glue that seeped through it, the stencil powder smudged, and then I accidentally bleached the floss while try to clean up the stencil powder. Oh sometimes the smallest of crafts end up being the hardest!

Do you see where I went wrong? The worst part, I didn't even realize it. Not for a second. Stitched it twice, framed it, and wrapped it. My Dad loves it but did point out that his child that was supposed to be good at English was the one who missed this.... AHHH!
I'll be stitching him a new one :)

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