Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Latest and Greatest

I've been super busy lately! The hubby and I are working on buying a house- hopefully closing on June 4th (yes, I will get my own craft space). My sister is getting married (June 6th), my grandmother in law turned 90 (heading to Florida on Thursday), and my nephew (Sister in Law's little one) just turned 1 (just got back from NC). Not to mention a ton of work stress.... so alas some of my crafting has suffered.

Currently I'm working on a blanket order and a special order hat. And I'd like to make a blanket for my cousin's wedding in July...but let's not get too crazy.
So, besides the crochet hooks what is helping me stay sane? Reisling and the Sookie Stackhouse Series (the books True Blood is based on). They are like candy and a super easy read.

Pictures of the new casa and some WIPs soon to come :)


CAPow said...

congrats on the house! That's so exciting!! Mike and I are hoping to buy a house next year. And reisling is absolutely delicious!

Anne-Marie said...

Wow! You have been busy! Congratulations on the house- that's VERY exciting!