Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This isn't the typical way to celebrate lent but after talking to a friend of mine and explaining for the millionth time how deeply I loved Twilight she said that's how she felt about Harry Potter.

Then she had a light bulb moment.

For lent not only will we eat fish fillets at McDonald's (what catholic kid didn't do that when they had away games?), but we shall give up pretty much everything to be involved in all consuming reading. She will read the Twilight Saga and I will tackle Harry Potter. I have 7 books and she has 4 but I think it will be worth it.

So instead of the typical giving up candy (though I am going to follow her lead and give up chocolate in a wrapper- she bases it on tax laws and I think that is genius) I will give up pretty much all other activities to be wrapped up in these books :) I'll see all of you in 40 days, please send my husband a pizza.

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Rose said...

*giggle* Enjoy! I have read both of those series and they are simply fantastic! :D