Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Glass Pendants and Microscope Slides

So my friend Deni makes these amazing scrabble pendants and is a super fantastic photographer and I noticed some glass pendants on her site denimnotes.etsy.com

Which prompted me to check out a kit of my own which I found at http://anniehowes.etsy.com/
as well as a trip to Michaels in Latham to find some microscope slide goodness and viola new craft to add to my bag o tricks!

I sold three at work by wearing one the other day, not tooo shabby ;) Speaking of selling I've got my last craft fair of 08 coming up at St. Augustine's in Peru on December 6th and I'll be having my 1st Little Gems house party on the 13th. If you are interested let me know and I'll give you directions!
Here's my mom's booth at AVCS and my MOM! and the booth below is mine, THANK YOU to everyone who came out to see us a few weeks ago!

For now I'm getting ready for some PECAN PIE, mmmmmmmm! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


TEAM SCUBA said...

your microscope slides are very cool looking and I love the Christmas tree earrings in the etsy shop! Pecan pie? No pumpkin?

Anonymous said...

I freaking love your microscope slide pendants, they are sooo pretty. This is definitely something I need to learn to do eventually!

You do the coolest stuff lady.

LittleGemsbyKari said...

Pumpkin pie got packed up for my leftover night but pecan holds a special spot in my heart :)

DenimNotes said...

Sale was ok.. how was yours??

I'm thinking of switching sites honestly etsy i think has gotten out of control, I think there is so many people on there.. everything is starting to look the same.. and im a little upset that etsy seriously features the same artists over and over again.. theres so many talented people on there.. and i think i've seen the same artist featured at least 3 times... I have a show tomorrow.. my last one for the season.. how did your home show go.. or is it this weekend?